Happy Happy Leaf

Statue, motor, green liquid, vessel
Commissioned by Jerwood Arts as part of SURVEY, Jerwood Space, London, 2018
[2019 Survey touring: g39, Cardiff; Bluecoat, Liverpool; Baltic, Gateshead]

Suspended, slowly rotating and dripping, Happy Happy Leaf is a kinetic celestial statue – the object of an unspecified idolatry. It derives from scrutiny of my cultural identity, and draws on abstracted personal experiences, ancestral stories and the particularities of Scottish and Chinese cultures – specifically the drinking cultures of tea and alcohol.

It is the initial, central element of a larger, as-yet unrealised array of objects, documents and practices which form a singular and obscure cultural narrative, which will be woven from the threads of historical and contemporary ceremonial traditions; ritual actions and attitudes; and political relationships between the two cultures.