Looped single-channel HD video with sound

“◉yap◉ is the second videographic artwork to be accessioned to a nascent online archive of Song family portraits. ◉yap◉ plays on a loop, and depicts a single, ambiguous form: curiously recognisable, but of unknown origin. It moves, organically – that much is certain – but its destination, if it even has one, remains unclear. A weightlessness of sorts renders it difficult to locate, as either earthbound, aquatic, or airborne, or perhaps residing in some other (meta)physical realm, less easily called to mind. Its motion could be one of self-propulsion, of play, of dance, or of mere survival – an intermittent in- and exhalation. Something vital is discernible here: a character perhaps; or a more abstract energy; or something between the two, morphing and blurring through waves of colour and movement.”