Glasgow Boys: N.S.M’s Private Collection

Coat; embroidered fabric labels; dildos: wood, varnish, polyfoam, latex, latex pigment, acrylic, iron powder, resin, tin, mobile phone, gold leaf,  glass wax, leather whip
Lillie Gallery, Milngavie, 2016

Six dildos were made to represent six Glasgow Boys and their particular works in the Lillie Gallery’s permanent collection. The qualities of each Glasgow Boy and their painting (subject, artistic style, personality, personal life) determined the sculptural qualities (form, material, colour, size, functionality) of each dedicated dildo. These dildos were then strapped to the lining of an overcoat.

The inside of the overcoat was branded with the initials N.S.M. Norman Somerville MacFarlane of Bearsden, a prominent Scottish industrialist, was Chair of the committee that organised the ‘Glasgow Boys’ exhibition at Kelvingrove in 2010 that later toured to London’s Royal Academy, “a foray into programming which will boost the value of his well-publicised private collection of Glasgow Boys’ paintings.”* The overcoat hung unassumingly on a stand at the entrance of the gallery shop, ready for some sort of illicit dealing.

* Gordon-Nesbitt, Rebecca, The New Bohemia: A Profile of Culture and Sport Glasgow, Variant, 32 (2008)