Black Hole

Two works made for YAKA Collective’s Black Hole exhibition at Glasgow Project Room, 2015.

9 slices of face
As José plunges towards the black hole, accelerating towards the event horizon, he is seen to stretch and contort. The closer he gets the more he appears to move in slow motion, until reaching the horizon, he freezes. José remains plastered there motionless, stretched across the surface of the horizon as a growing heat begins to engulf him.

Reflections on José, my pervert flatmate (NYC, US 2012)


Untitled drawings for Black Hole     (click to view drawings)
OHP; 16 acetate prints of drawings from 2013-15
An archive of drawings from 2013-15 that were selected – and some developed further – through research around the theme of Black Hole. The drawings were placed in folders, inviting viewers to examine and project the images on the OHP.