ah kong – -ghost- –

ah kong – -ghost- – is one of a small number of multi-layered, circular prints taken from a sculptural object, itself a reimagining of an artifact, which in turn is the only physical remnant of a life long lost – that of my grandfather.

The print is at a distant remove from that life, but is nonetheless a descendent of sorts. It is a ghost, an ancestral whisper. The artifact which gave rise to this print was a coin, which remained after my grandfather’s cremation: an enduring, pocketed object; previously touched and felt – privately – in a distant land and another time, by him and countless others before. I never met my grandfather.

Each print is an impression, each slightly different, always already fading. The sculptural object which forms the ‘plate’ from which the print is taken is here absent, but it stands elsewhere, itself incorporated into a sculptural sphere which is both speculative and sacred, where history, memory and imagination are layered to form a space which serves simultaneously as spectacle, memorial and refuge. That space is live, of my own making, and ephemeral; ah kong – -ghost- – is an imprint of it, a contemporary memory, durable but fugitive.