Happy Happy Leaf

Statue, suspended, rotating, dripping florescent green liquid into vessel
Commissioned by Jerwood Arts as part of SURVEY, Jerwood Space, London, 2018
[2019 Survey touring: g39, Cardiff; Bluecoat, Liverpool; Baltic, Gateshead]

Happy Happy Leaf is a kinetic sculptural installation: an obscure being, suspended, slowly rotating, dripping. This sculpture acts as the object of an unspecified idolatry, and is the initial, central element of a larger, as-yet unrealised array of objects, documents and practices which form a singular and obscure cultural terrain. This project will see a cast of invented characters assembling for a confected ceremony ā€“ a worshipful celebration of music, dance and the consumption of the sacred drink, also called Happy Happy Leaf.

The work is developed from research generated around my cultural identity by abstracting personal experiences, ancestral stories and the particularities of Scottish and Chinese cultures ā€“ specifically the drinking cultures of tea and alcohol. It will allude to historical and contemporary ceremonial traditions, to ritual actions and attitudes, and to political relationships between the two cultures.