Happy Happy Leaf

Mixed media statue; motor; liquid; vessel
SURVEY, Jerwood Space, London, 2018
[Touring 2019: g39, Cardiff; Bluecoat, Liverpool; Baltic, Gateshead]

Happy Happy Leaf is a kinetic sculptural installation: an obscure being, suspended, slowly rotating, dripping. This sculptural work is the initial, central element of a larger, as-yet unrealised array of objects, documents and practices, which will see a cast of invented characters assembling for a confected ceremony – a worshipful celebration of music and dance. The sculpture – or statue – is the object of an unspecified idolatry and is developed from research generated around my cultural identity, drawing and expanding upon semi-autobiographical experiences and the particularities of Asian and Western cultures with their historical and contemporary links to ceremonial traditions, ritual actions and attitudes – such as those surrounding the drinking of tea.